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Selenium is a set of tools which supports instant development of test automation for web based applications. It has the option of record/playback tool for writing tests without a need of test scripting language (Selenium IDE). It supports multiple browsers (Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome) and multiple platforms (Microsoft, Linux, and Macintosh).It also provides a Domain Specific Language – Selenese.

The following are the Selenium Components:

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Client API
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Selenium Overview

  • Selenium Components and Architecture,
  • Why Java for Selenium, Installing Java Eclipse
  • First Eclipse Project and Java program
  • Platform independence.

Selenium IDE

  • Installing Selenium IDE Recording
  • Script
  • Running Scrip
  • Pausing and debugging Script Inserting
  • commands in between script XPATHS
  • installing firebug to get XPATHS
  • Wait Commands
  • Verification and Assertions.


  • Sample Programs
  • Handling Input Box/Buttons
  • Handling WebList
  • Radio Buttons / Checkboxes

Types of locators

  • List of locators and use
  • Differences between Fundaments and Fundament
  • Capturing screenshots with Web Driver
  • Handling windows & switching windows
  • Pop-up and alert handling

Basic Of java

  • PConditional and concatenation operators.
  • PUsage of loops – While Loop, For Loops
  • PData Types – String
  • PInteger / Arrays
  • PFunctions – Input Parameters
  • PReturn Types
  • PLocal, Global
  • PStatic and Non-Static Variables
  • PCreating Objects and Object References
  • PCall by reference and Value Constructors
  • PCreating Methods in java, Constructors

Xpath and JXL

  • Making your own XPath without firebug
  • Object Collections, iterator , hash map
  • Jxl-jar introduction, Reading/Writing Excel
  • Handling frames in web pages, Action
  • Driver Introduction, Keyboard and Mouse
  • event handling

OOPS Concept

  • Class / Object / Method
  • Property Concept of Inheritance
  • Overloading & Overriding Functions
  • Usage of Inheritance in Selenium.

Eclipse Installation

  • Creating Packages
  • Accessing Classes and Methods
  • Good Features of eclipse
  • Accessing modifier – (public, Private, Default, Protected)
  • Exception handing – try catch block and throw able class
  • Need of exception handling in Selenium framework.

Handling the wait

  • Explicit wait & Implicit waits


  • Xml Automation concepts
  • Read/Write XML files, Working with nodes, converting into html file

Selenium Grid

  • Selenium Grid Concepts
  • Introduction to hub, driver
  • Approaches to start/stop hub & driver
  • Using grid to run tests using RemoteWebDriver setting desired & Fetching actual capabilities Config node parameters & timeouts
  • Hub Diagnostic Messages

File Concepts

  • Handling drag & drop, multi-selection of objects
  • File Concepts ,Html File Concepts, Sample programs on File Automation
  • String class & functions Reading/Writing Text Files Reading Properties file in Java.

DB connection and Installation

  • Database Concepts
  • JDBC Drivers, Connection Interface, Statement & Prepared Statement Interfaces
  • Result Set Interface ,Firing select, insert, update and delete queries using jdbc, Looping the Result Set
  • Introduction to MySQL Database, Sample programs on MySQL DB and Excel Database
  • Web Table Concepts,child item operations

TestNg Installation and uses

  • What is TestNg
  • Installing TestNg in Eclipse

TestNg annotations

  • Understanding usage of annotations
  • Running a Test in TestNg
  • Batch running of tests in TestNg
  • Skipping Tests
  • Parameterizing Tests – DataProvider
  • Assertions/Reporting Errors
  • TestNg Reports
  • Advantages over Junit
  • Using TestNg in Selenium
  • Executing Grid in parallel environments with TestNg


  • Framework Overview
  • Reading XPATHS, Config from properties
  • Initialize Web driver
  • Implementing tests & batch running them
  • Repeating a test with different Data
  • Building utility functions Parameterization of tests using excel Controlling Execution order from excel
  • Assertions and Reporting Errors
  • Storing Screenshots of errors
  • Generating the HTML reports
  • Emailing test reports
  • Creating a BAT file for project execution


  • Advantages and Disadvantages

Selenium IDE

Selenium Environment Setup

  • Download and Install Java
  • Download and Configure Eclipse

Selenium – Selense Commands

Selenium – Web driver

Selenium – Locators

  • ID, Class Name, Tag Name, Link Text , By partial link text, By XPath

Selenium – User Interaction

Selenium – TestNG

Selenium – Grid

  • Hub, Node
  • Architecture
  • Configuration of Hub and Node
  • Parallel execution
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