Duration : 1 Month

Fees : 8000 /-


  • QTP History and Evolution
  • QTP Installation
  • Record and Playback

Object Repository

  • Shared object repository
  • Local object repository


  • Types of Actions
  • Working with actions

Data tables

  • Local Data Table
  • Global Data Table


  • Wait Property , Exist, Wait, Sync(only for web based apps),Inserting QTP Inbuilt Synchronization points.

Smart Identification

  • Base Filter Properties
  • Optional Filter Properties

Error Handling

  • Syntax Errors
  • Logical Errors
  • Run Time Errors

Recovery Scenarios

Environment Variables

Library Files

  • Associating Function Libraries and it's various methods

Test Results

Working with GUI Objects

Virtual Objects

Accessing Databases

Descriptive programming


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