Duration : 1.5 months

Fees : 12,000 /-

  1. Oracle Database Administration Concepts
  2. Advanced DBA

Prerequisite: Exposure in RDBMS and SQL

Oracle Database Administration Concepts

Introduction & Architecture
  • Introduction to Oracle Database
  • Overview of Oracle Grid Architecture
  • Difference between a cluster and a grid
  • Responsibilities of Database Administrators
Creating Oracle Database
  • Creating Oracle 11g / 10g Database using SQL commands
  • Creating Oracle Container Database in 12c using DBCA
  • Creating Oracle Container Database in 12c using SQL commands
Managing Oracle 12c Container Databases
  • Creating User Accounts and Connecting to Oracle 12c Container and Pluggable Databases
Managing Pluggable Databases in Oracle 12c
  • Creating Pluggable Database from Seed
  • Cloning an Existing Pluggable Database
  • Unplugging and Plugging databases from one CDB to another CDB
Managing Tablespaces And Datafiles
  • Creating New Tablespaces
  • Bigfile Tablespaces (Introduced in Oracle Ver. 10g)
  • To Extend the Size of a tablespace
  • To decrease the size of a tablespace
  • Coalescing Tablespaces
  • Taking tablespaces Offline or Online
  • Making a Tablespace Read only.
  • Renaming Tablespaces
  • Dropping Tablespaces
  • Viewing Information about Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • Relocating or Renaming Datafiles
  • Renaming or Relocating Datafiles belonging to a Single Tablespace
  • Procedure for Renaming and Relocating Datafiles in Multiple Tablespaces
Temporary Tablespace
  • Increasing or Decreasing the size of a Temporary Tablespace
  • Tablespace Groups
  • Creating a Temporary Tablespace Group
  • Assigning a Tablespace Group as the Default Temporary Tablespace
Diagnosing And Repairing Locally Managed Tablespace Problems
  • Scenario 1: Fixing Bitmap When Allocated Blocks are Marked Free (No Overlap)
  • Scenario 2: Dropping a Corrupted Segment
  • Scenario 3: Fixing Bitmap Where Overlap is Reported
  • Scenario 4: Correcting Media Corruption of Bitmap Blocks
  • Scenario 5: Migrating from a Dictionary-Managed to a Locally Managed Tablespace
Transporting Tablespaces
  • Procedure for transporting tablespaces
  • Transporting Tablespace Example
  • Adding a New Redo Logfile Group
  • Adding Members to an existing group
  • Dropping Members from a group
  • Dropping Logfile Group
  • Resizing Logfiles
  • Renaming or Relocating Logfiles
  • Clearing REDO LOGFILES
  • Viewing Information About Logfiles
Managing Control Files
  • Multiplexing Control File
  • Changing the Name of a Database
  • Creating A New Control File

Cloning an Oracle Database

  • Switching to Automatic Management of Undo Space
  • Calculating the Space Requirements For Undo Retention
  • Altering UNDO Tablespace
  • Dropping an Undo Tablespace
  • Switching Undo Tablespaces
  • Viewing Information about Undo Tablespace
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