Duration : 1.5 Months

Fees : 15,000 /-

  • CASE STUDY (Loading Data from MS-ACCESS to Oracle)
  • CASE STUDY (Loading Data from Fixed Length file into Oracle)
  • CASE STUDY (Loading Data from MySQL to Oracle)
  • Loading Data into Multiple Tables using WHEN condition
  • Conventional Path Load and Direct Path Load
  • Direct Path
  • Restrictions on Using Direct Path Loads

Export and Import

  • Invoking Export and Import
  • Command Line Parameters of Export tool
  • Example of Exporting Full Database
  • Example of Exporting Schemas
  • Exporting Individual Tables
  • Exporting Consistent Image of the tables

Using Import Utility

  • Example Importing Individual Tables
  • Example, Importing Tables of One User account into another User account
  • Example Importing Tables Using Pattern Matching

Migrating a Database across platforms

Data Pump Utility

  • Using Data Pump Export Utility
  • Example of Exporting a Full Database
  • Example of Exporting a Schema
  • Exporting Individual Tables using Data Pump Export
  • Excluding and Including Objects during Export
  • Using Query to Filter Rows during Export
  • Suspending and Resuming Export Jobs (Attaching and Re-Attaching to the Jobs)

Data Pump Import Utility

  • Importing Full Dump File
  • Importing Objects of One Schema to another Schema
  • Loading Objects of one Tablespace to another Tablespace
  • Generating SQL File containing DDL commands using Data Pump Import
  • Importing objects of only a Particular Schema
  • Importing Only Particular Tables
  • Running Import Utility in Interactive Mode

Flash Back Features

  • Flashback Query
  • Using Flashback Version Query
  • Using Flashback Table to return Table to Past States
  • Purging Objects from Recycle Bin
  • Flashback Drop of Multiple Objects With the Same Original Name
  • Flashback Database: Alternative to Point-In-Time Recovery
  • Enabling Flash Back Database
  • To how much size we should set the flash recovery area
  • How far you can flashback database
  • Example: Flashing Back Database to a point in time

Flashback Data Archive (Oracle Total Recall)

  • Introduction
  • Creating Flashback Data Archive tablespace
  • Creating Flashback Data Archive
  • Querying historical data

Log Miner

  • LogMiner Configuration
  • LogMiner Dictionary Options
  • Using the Online Catalog
  • Extracting a LogMiner Dictionary to the Redo Log Files
  • Extracting the LogMiner Dictionary to a Flat File
  • Redo Log File Options
  • Example: Finding All Modifications in the Current Redo Log File
  • Example : Mining Redo Log Files in a Given Time Range

Backup and Recovery

  • Opening the Database in Archivelog Mode
  • Bringing the Database again in NoArchiveLog mode
  • Taking Offline (COLD) Backups
  • Taking Online (HOT) Backups
  • Recovering from the Loss of a Datafile
  • When the Database is running in Noarchivelog Mode When the Database is running in Archivelog Mode
  • Recovering from loss of Control File

Recovery Manager ( RMAN )

  • Taking Offline Backups using RMAN
  • Recovering the Database running in NOARCHIVELOG mode using RMAN
  • Taking Online Backups using RMAN
  • Taking backups of particular tablespaces or datafiles using RMAN
  • How to take Image Backups in RMAN
  • Taking Incremental Backup using RMAN
  • Incrementally updating backup copy for fast recovery
  • View information about RMAN backups
  • Configuring Retention policy in Oracle RMAN
  • Configure various Options in RMAN
  • Maintaining RMAN Repository
  • Recovering from the loss of datafiles using RMAN (Archivelog mode)
  • Recovering from the loss of datafile by changing it's location
  • Performing Disaster Recovery using RMAN
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